about 7 hours ago (Anonymous)
trying to sell scam loans
about 8 hours ago (Anonymous)
Caller claimed I had won a trip to Florida and allI had to do was pay $249 to claim it. A scam
about 8 hours ago (Bill)
It is a friendly person from the monitored medical alarm pendant which my mother activated when she had a fall in her home.
about 9 hours ago (Ann)
Foreign voice said it was the “do not call register” I said “yes” and he hung up
about 10 hours ago (Anonymous)
Number 0359159442 rang me yesterday just want to know if this number is safe to pick up. Thanks
about 11 hours ago (Rasna)
they just hang up went you answer,,,,sad
about 11 hours ago (Anonymous)
Scammer harrassment
about 11 hours ago (Rodger)
lady with indian accent said she was calluing about a recent electricity bill i paid i hung up as we have solar power and dont pay for electricity ... Read More
about 12 hours ago (MA)
Called and did not leave a message. Also called at 7:30pm. Tried to call back several times but the line was busy.
about 12 hours ago (Anonymous)
Says 'charity' but i didn't give my number to them--- then used subtle word placements... just some horny bitch probably.
about 13 hours ago (Bora)
Another "fake" number. Hangs up immediately. Annoying.
about 13 hours ago (GW)
they have your details such as address name mobile number so be careful
about 13 hours ago (Anonymous)
cold call telemarketing for electricity do not answer call call back unless you want to get harrassed
about 13 hours ago (Burwood)
Offering financial planning services
about 13 hours ago (Jason)
i don rsquo t know who is this number i left to go to my messagebank but no message bank
about 14 hours ago (Anonymous)
i don rsquo t know who is this number i left to go to my messagebank but no message bank
about 14 hours ago (Anonymous)
When we answer they just hang up
about 14 hours ago (Anonymous)
Still getting a daily call from number hangs up as soon as you answer
about 14 hours ago (Anonymous)
silent call
about 15 hours ago (bob)
Seems to be a call centre - hopefully just a butt pain of someone trying to sell something. When I answered the phone there was a ring tone. This is t... Read More
about 15 hours ago (Anonymous)
When I called back there was an automated voice; "Thank you for calling, good bye."
about 15 hours ago (Anonymous)
I received an automated call advising me I had an arrest warrant against me and unless returned the call immediately I would be arrested!
about 16 hours ago (Mick)
asked if chelsea was there mate i have had this number for the past year
about 16 hours ago (‭0431 935 205‬)
Fake ATO saying if issue is not resolved will refer to police for arrest. Phoned the real ATO scam hotline and confirmed that this is a scam phone num... Read More
about 16 hours ago (Anon)
australia taxation office rdquo with so called law suits under your name rdquo they calm to have an arrest warrant for you if you don rsquo t call ... Read More
about 16 hours ago (Anonymous)
claimed i called looking for a mortage. not true!!! scam!!
about 16 hours ago (Anonymous)
Scammers from overseas pretending to be ATO saying you will be arrested to scare you into paying money.
about 16 hours ago (Anonymous)
He said that he's a police officer and I get arrested. How can I be arrested as he told me that via a call. Idiot.
about 17 hours ago (alex)
about 17 hours ago (anon)
Fircroft , Engineering recruitment.
about 17 hours ago (Steve)
231018 - got call on my mob - by time i got to phone gone - rang back - got truncated message "Insurance Aust Group' then abrupt disconnect - cha... Read More
about 17 hours ago (jon)
left a text to speach message threatening to have a warren to arrest me if i did not call back
about 17 hours ago (Johnny)
i just don't get it, what do they achieve for calling you and then hang up? Why?
about 17 hours ago (Anonymous)
Have blocked this number. Kept calling me every few days. Always hangs up.
about 18 hours ago (xx.xx.145.97)
left a voice message saying i rsquo ll get arrested if i don rsquo t call them back so i rsquo m waiting for the police idiots
about 18 hours ago (Risy)
This person is arrogant ,disrespectful and rude . He repeatedly calls even when he has been asked not too. Then calls back to ask why i hung up and te... Read More
about 18 hours ago (Anonymous)
not sure who this is, I don't answer interstate calls unless I know the caller. the caller hasn't left a message. the caller has tried to ca... Read More
about 18 hours ago (James)
fake number listed by others a disconnected optus number no message left
about 19 hours ago (Gerry)
No answer when phone lifted
about 19 hours ago (Anonymous)
Calling when I'm at work, never leave a message
about 19 hours ago (Anonymous)
Energy company
about 20 hours ago (Shaw)
Fake ATO call 3 calls in 3 days, have blocked them but the calls still keep coming.
about 20 hours ago (annoyed)
Foxtel but I haven’t visited the Foxtel website nor called their phone number EVER so why are they calling my mobile?
about 20 hours ago (Anonymous)
left a voicemail saying quot there is a lost suitcase is getting filed under your name the moment you receive this message i want you to get b... Read More
about 20 hours ago (N)
Arise solar not scamming just following up sales leads.
about 20 hours ago (Anonymous)
ato threatening phone call demanded a call back have blocked
about 21 hours ago (nnee)
American Express
about 22 hours ago (xx.xx.164.243)
about 22 hours ago (Scamwatcher)
called 2 days in a row scammer i tried calling back to have some fun but just rings out damn i wanted to fuck with them a bit
about 22 hours ago (Me)
Not a scam. Phone number belongs to a company called “Money 3”. They usually only call their customers.
about 22 hours ago (Anonymous)
ANZ text msg scam
about 23 hours ago (Anonymous)
GETUP spam.
about 24 hours ago (Anonymous)
Texting for credit card activity wanted details
about 1 day ago (xx.xx.106.43)
eat my food drank my drink then robbed me as soon as i wasn rsquo t home
about 1 day ago (Anonymous)
phishing sms with a link to a phishing address masquerading as anz bank message was about suspicious activity on my credit card i don rsquo t bank w... Read More
about 1 day ago (Ibis)
Something dodgie. I suspect trolling for info. Leaves unusual msg hoping for a response.
about 1 day ago (John)
Text message stating my name & that I have been linked to a photo
about 1 day ago (Joe Blogs)
Don't leave a message when requested to do so, called many times by them over a number of days - have no connection to this company. Have tried to "un... Read More
about 1 day ago (Anonymous)
Text message stating my name & that I have been linked to a photo
about 1 day ago (Joe Blogs)
let us compare. that is what they call themselves. 36 phone calls in one day. this week over 57 calls. they dont even care if its f@#king 2am. tried c... Read More
about 1 day ago (code)
bunch of idiots running fraud be aware
about 1 day ago (Kabootar)
calls but unable to call back
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Fish for personal details
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
called in broken english telling he was from microsoft
about 2 days ago (frank)
Have rung me twice, when returned the call the number was unavailable. Will be another nuicence caller.
about 2 days ago (Jennifer)
they will call you even you said that you are not interested in whatever they are selling i told them they got a wrong number and they persisted and ... Read More
about 2 days ago (Caveman)
tried to scam credit card information
about 2 days ago (C)
whats app mobile company scammers be careful dont share your details with scammers
about 2 days ago (A T T)
Text message with Uber confirmation number
about 2 days ago (spod)
pure dogs bollocks
about 2 days ago (John)
Don't know much about it, I don't live in the area of its area code...
about 2 days ago (T4)
about 2 days ago (Xena)
a recording in chinese
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
mofo keep calling me
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
unsolicited call to my mobile when i called back the message said the number was not connected
about 2 days ago (David)
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
I get multiple daily calls from this number saying my NBN will be cutoff, how do I block them?
about 2 days ago (Mike Carroll)
Wanting a survey filled in to win a shopping vochure!
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
I was using my phone, got a call from this number, don't know who it was but not eager to call it back.
about 2 days ago (Megan)
telemarketers trying to make you switch to their electricity company
about 2 days ago (Leeds)
called and hung up twice
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
similar scam happening in the USA, it is in Australia too
about 2 days ago (xx.xx.237.73)
fake ato scam something about a lawsuit hung up before i listened to the rest
about 2 days ago (Leanne)
Harrassing and persistent caller. Block the number.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
unsolicited phone call repeatedly
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Scam call threatening with arrest warrant
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
puppy farmer
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Some dickhead that likes to call and not say anything.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
tried the itunes con
about 3 days ago (Journo)
suspicious credit card activity is noted please confirm your personal data otherwise we will be forced to block it
about 3 days ago (Anonymous)
multiple texts asking for an assessment then became a private assessment seems to be targeting health professionals who would respond to a request fo... Read More
about 3 days ago (Occupational Therapist)
Spam message to confirm bank details
about 3 days ago (xx.xx.153.131)
Secom security
about 3 days ago (Tom)
credit loans guaranteed approval poor credit loans guaranteed approval credit loans guaranteed approval credit loans guaranteed approval
about 3 days ago (Online Loans )
Gday guys been scammed by a dirty scammer he is going by the name of Daniel Falzon of Melbourne he's trawling through gumtree wanted adds and looking ... Read More
about 3 days ago (Anonymous )
received sms to say there was suspicious activity on my nab credit card
about 3 days ago (Anonymous)
Anybody knows him??? I need to know! Please, is important!!
about 3 days ago (Lover)
couldn rsquo t get through
about 4 days ago (Kenworth90976)
Multiple calls to a private number on the 'do not call' list, avoids call backs.
about 4 days ago (Anonymous)
Yes. Scam exactly. Do not talk with caller
about 4 days ago (Anonymous)
This is a safe caller from VITAL CARE - you would be listed as a contact point for a elderly person, disabled person, who has pressed their medi alert... Read More
about 4 days ago (Lynette)
Has now called me on 4 consecutive days (including today . . . Saturday). I have not answered (or returned call) and no message is ever left. Call can... Read More
about 4 days ago (Anonymous)
Scam calls
about 4 days ago (Shandy)
Pause after pick up; foreign accent; many calls from same (and others) number; will not provide details about how it accessed my personal details;Will... Read More
about 4 days ago (Anonymous)
calls multiple times when i answer they disconnect call when i call back the line is disconnected - i have now blocked the number from calling me
about 4 days ago (mcfn)
SUSAN WARDA & CARLY MIRZA-PRICE, deceitful profiteering excessive litigators of family law, scumbags of corruption.
about 4 days ago (Anonymous)
SUSAN WARDA Mills Oakley, insidious narcissistic profiteering thieving whore of a corrupted family law system, it's a hideously evil deceitful cunt!
about 4 days ago (Jane Doe.)
spam in a can ham is the man scam
about 4 days ago (Alias alien)
Scam artists! Scammed so many people out of money for fake concert tickets!!
about 4 days ago (Ashley)
They keep calling every day, never leaving a messagw. Upon attempting to call them back, I was put on hold, and then hung up on.
about 4 days ago (Hannah)
scam claiming ato debt
about 4 days ago (Anom)
Bloody nuisance,big time.
about 4 days ago (Bob)
left voicemail saying a lawsuit is being filed against me couldn rsquo t call number back looked up number to see it rsquo s a scam absolutely dist... Read More
about 4 days ago (Anonymous)
Love michelle, she’s a lovely lady
about 4 days ago (Tahli)
I’m going to Jail, woohoo Damn Scam Artists
about 5 days ago (Joan )
text message hullo rdquo
about 5 days ago (Leanne)
they hung up when i answered, i called back, and it says its not available.
about 5 days ago (Danni)
this number is a fraudulent person they would send texts to online sellers enquiring about products and just waste their time asking stupid questions... Read More
about 5 days ago (Joel)
ato scam about a lawsuit
about 5 days ago (jonno)
Rings for a short time no time to answer.
about 5 days ago (Anonymous)
Has been ringing me daily for the past month at least 3-6 calls a day, saying they are energy compare. But they are Indian hard to understand and if y... Read More
about 5 days ago (Anonymous)
left message with law suit and arrest threat number busy on return call
about 5 days ago (Annoyed)
automated voice saying there is a pending lawsuit case
about 5 days ago (xx.xx.71.73)
the following message was left from the convert voice to text message service not perfect you missed a call from 0390057436 who said quot is the... Read More
about 5 days ago (Aussie bloke)
same as above
about 5 days ago (KMAC)
Some idiot that keeps calling on different phone numbers stating he called the wrong number.The three phone numebrs were 0404433685, 0437424340, 04075... Read More
about 5 days ago (Anonymous)
Reduce you Loan. Had my name and said that I had made an enquiry. I had not
about 5 days ago (Anonymous)
pretending to be an ato agent scammers
about 5 days ago (Ben)
dodgy call no speaking when answered other sites report this is one of the dodgy numbers used to ask about traffic accidents you have been in claim... Read More
about 5 days ago (Paul)
Apparently i'm getting arrested. Total SPAM!
about 5 days ago (Billie)
automated message demanding a callback or arrest warrant would be issued
about 5 days ago (Anonymous)
Asking if I've had an accident in the last 12 months. Surprised the caller was an english girl. I said nice try your the third scammer calling about a... Read More
about 5 days ago (Anonymous)
about 5 days ago (xx.xx.111.151)
idiot left message on voice mail you missed a call from 0242048045 who said quot be home with collar that there is a life is getting filed ... Read More
about 5 days ago (Not stupid)
known owner of this number
about 5 days ago (katrina)
about 5 days ago (MD)
Called 4 times and left a threatening bot voice message saying I would be arrrsted if I didn't return the call. Blocked the number.
about 5 days ago (Anonymous)
Got a call from this number. Called it back and it’s a scam number
about 5 days ago (Anonymous)
Call from ATO, told me a case with my name in it has been found, told mr to call the number back within 24 hrs, otherwise the warrant will be issued ... Read More
about 5 days ago (Renata)
threat of arrest
about 5 days ago (.)
automated message demanding a callback or arrest warrant would be issued
about 5 days ago (Smithy)
just something about being mistreated at 16
about 5 days ago (seller)
called me numerous times, finally picked up, but they hung up after saying nothing.
about 5 days ago (Tom)
Claimed to have reviewed my energy bills and offered good deals. Called 3 times after 7pm on the same day. When I questioned where they got my informa... Read More
about 5 days ago (xx.xx.233.65)
Scam call
about 5 days ago (xx.xx.216.172)
Super annoy even called 7 times after working hours.
about 5 days ago (Happy Elaine)
wanted my adress and bank acc number to save 75 electricity are the for real like im gullible lol lol
about 6 days ago (Ljamil)
unsolicited call offering health care.
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
They called saying I had won some foxtel package prize, but they were indian and wanted my personal details.
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
Phoned me today, some automated message said I’d be arrested (I didn’t hear most details due to noise around me) and something about ATO
about 6 days ago (Anon)
what an absolute joke voicemail was left saying a warrant is issued for my arrest if i do not give a call back like i needed to hear that as i was l... Read More
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
I was meant to Brisbane correctional centre
about 6 days ago (Mel)
Called and hung up with leaving a message. Called back but didn’t ring, just disconnected.
about 6 days ago (The Called)
Asked for private details. Voice message said they will arrest me if I don't get back to them
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.233.156)
something about a file on me and if i don rsquo t call back they rsquo ll have to get me arrested
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
Something about having to arrest me if I don’t get back to them quickly
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.198.174)
usual ATO scam.
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.186.234)
Medibank Private
about 6 days ago (SG)
Calls each afternoon. No one speaks.
about 6 days ago (CH)
There are complaints going back years on other sites about calls from this number. If they don't just hang up when you answer, they claim to be c... Read More
about 6 days ago (Dewi)
operative on other end impersonated ato asked for lawyer details and full name
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
Picked up the call and no one spoke. Waited. Hung up.
about 6 days ago (Janice)
Phoned and hung up, left no message
about 6 days ago (Birgit Scheps)
Very Friendly Support and helpful for any online marketing help
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
Its a "fashion" store in sydney but I have never been there - very dodgy
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
False call claiming to be police.
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.203.130)
Very nice and friendly support .. These guys are very helpful for any Online Services Needed
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
Calling about a mortgage I don't have
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.223.198)
This number called - I called back and was told by the lady who answered: "Our qualifications have come through and we are now accredited, but before... Read More
about 6 days ago (Sydney)
i received a call from this number saying i have had a lost suitcase rdquo filed under my name and i should call back immediately as per other entri... Read More
about 6 days ago (Theresa)
asking for bank detail
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
Be careful of this one. It could be spoofing a real ATO number as has been done in the past. It’s an obvious scam thou and suggests there are multip... Read More
about 6 days ago (Graham)
i received a call from a number with the same prefix which is probably from the same place 0390282171 they left a message saying a missing suitcase ... Read More
about 6 days ago (Tina)
Ato recorded msg asking for a call back or arrest
about 6 days ago (Gabi )
I received a call from a number with the same prefix which is probably from the same place: 0390282171 They left a message saying “a missing sui... Read More
about 6 days ago (Tina)
The person was very consistent on the phone telling me that I'll be arrested today due to some issues that they found with my tax return. He was tryin... Read More
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.228.196)
Refused to say what company he was from
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
Left a voice mail in a computer synthesized voice saying I'll be arrested???
about 6 days ago (Dan)
Same here
about 6 days ago (Balraj Kaur )
pre recorded ai message stating that an arrest warrant and court filing had been made
about 6 days ago (Rockel)
Robot voice message saying if I don't call back I will be issues with an arrest warrant
about 6 days ago (AS)
Automated msg Scam identifying ATO and that youll be arrested if you dont contact them
about 6 days ago (Anon)
Law suit robo scam
about 6 days ago (PV)
scam from the ato demanding money and informing me ill be arrested
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
Left a voice message that if not contacted back ,will get arrested...
about 6 days ago (Pradeetha)
ATO scam. Try to get money from you on a fake ATO debt.
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.128.104)
Robo lawsuit
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.117.227)
Scammer trying to coerce recipient to hand over personal information.
about 6 days ago (Scammer)
robocall crapping on about tax dept scam
about 6 days ago (tard15)
Accor Plus trying to get me to sign up for membership. Didn’t leave a message but I called them back
about 6 days ago (K)
Claiming they are from a lawsuit department regarding tax with an automated robot voice.
about 6 days ago (Val)
No details in Message, just say Integrated and give a reference number. Definitely a scam.
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
Keeps calling. No answer just dead line. Blocked them.
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
The gumtree scam man Daniel Falzon lives at 3 Voltaire Crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria. Went there last week to get refund family protect him he drive 2... Read More
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
express loans webloan poor credit loans guaranteed approval online payday loan no credit check
about 6 days ago (Getting A Loan )
Unsure who this is as they just hung up when they went to message bank. If you have any info that would be great
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
about 7 days ago (Anonymous)