Collaborative Law fraudster preacher, SUSAN WARDA, Prolonging excessive titanic litigation to profiteer from hardworking honest people & families. LUC... Read More
about 12 hours ago (Ex-Client.)
Something about Chinese visa. I hung up.
about 15 hours ago (Troy)
Answered call no reply.
about 16 hours ago (User)
An automated voice message pretending to be from the NBN, saying that your internet and landline will be shut off in 24 hours.
about 17 hours ago (Nat)
Replies with foul language and insults. Has no intention of purchasing items that you’re advertising to sell. You block this person and they call ba... Read More
about 21 hours ago (Fed up)
COLLABORATIVE LAW FRAUDSTER SUSAN WARDA, profligate unnecessary litigating freak, prolonging to profiteer from honest hardworking Australian families!... Read More
about 22 hours ago (Ex-Client.)
Corrupted Family Law, SUSAN WARDA Mills Oakley thieving scoundrel Solicitor, cheats clients with excessive eye-watering costs, don’t trust!
about 22 hours ago (Mrs Angry.)
Macrobid Antibiotic In Internet Tablet Long Term Side Effects Trazodone Canada Pharmacy Online No Script generic viagra Cialis Anwendung Dosierung Bu... Read More
about 24 hours ago (Lesrold)
ShittingPanda ough equally the actual within the schizophrenic executive, Jeremy Perkins, who actually murdered any mommy subsequently, after linds... Read More
about 1 day ago (qpidnetworkcfq)
Pathetic grub.
about 1 day ago (Poida mayte)
about 1 day ago (Asanka)
Scammer, they will target the weak and vulnerable
about 1 day ago (Luke)
Calls to organise in home services and refuses to answer door
about 2 days ago (James)
about 2 days ago (คำหล้า)
Alex ford is a very big online scammer and stalker from Western Australia. His mobile: 0407 445 446 Email: alex@alexfordliv... Read More
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Got text message from them saying it was Commbank. That my NetBank access has been locked to protect my security. That I should go to your local branc... Read More
about 2 days ago (Annoyed)
Impersonation of a 24 yo male indian student.
about 2 days ago (Jonno)
Very nice person
about 2 days ago (Ozzy)
Jess is a very good at scamming, she calls you and messages sounding very legit. Tried to buy concert tickets off her via gumtree, she took half the m... Read More
about 2 days ago (CW)
Offering me 7 nights for 299 sounds really good but asked them to ring me back tomorrow any help or updates would be really handy thanks.
about 2 days ago (anonymous)
This is a scam call saying you owe tax and if you don’t pay up you’ll be arrested. They want your name and credit card number
about 3 days ago (Anon)
no one speaks, they just hang up...
about 3 days ago (nags)
02 61810790 called me today about 4 times I have tried calling them back and get no dial tone nothing got no idea who this person is
about 3 days ago (Kathleen)
I have also received a strange message in my voicemail from this number [(02) 6669 6687].
about 3 days ago (M)
They hung up when I answered
about 3 days ago (B)
Automated Caller, Says they are from Microsoft (Do Not Trust this Caller) "SCAM ALERT"
about 3 days ago (David)
CARLY MIRZA-PRICE, F'n dishonest solicitor, over litigate/over charge with titanic costs, odious thieves of family law! BEWARE DECEITFUL WHORE!
about 3 days ago (Mrs Destitute.)
This number called me tonight
about 3 days ago (Oliver Queen)
Absolutely sick of this phone number ringing me.
about 3 days ago (xx.xx.47.92)
Got a call offering me 14 nights for 6 hundred dollars , glad i made the right decision by accepting there offer.
about 3 days ago (Janet Duncanson)
Called me three times and didn't say a word. It was weird.
about 4 days ago (Amber)
Receiving calls every couple of days so number is now blocked
about 4 days ago (Anonymous)
Unknown language recorded msg
about 4 days ago (Ryan)
03 8400 6083 is a TELEMARKETER , on behalf POWER company, selling Electricity and Gas
about 4 days ago (+61406650430)
Selling solar panels to Australian phone
about 4 days ago (xx.xx.202.164)
Received a recorded message on mobile claiming that there is an outstanding tax debt.
about 4 days ago (Anonymous)
Possible scam
about 4 days ago (Anonymous)
TXT Spammer.
about 4 days ago (Gold)
Rec'd the following text message : " We need only 5 mins of your time. you get to make$237 per HOUR. No tricks, Free AND Safe. You in? https//re... Read More
about 4 days ago (philip)
unsolicited call. no msg received
about 4 days ago (stephen jones)
Same thing happened to me. They hung up on answer.
about 4 days ago (Graham)
pretended himself from ATO
about 4 days ago (jk)
Had a wonderful experience of 2 nights stay at the Stamford Plaza Melbourne , was offered the best discounted rates available in the market.
about 4 days ago (Derrick Smith)
Didn't pick up the phone as it was not a familiar number !
about 5 days ago (Aily)
Tried calling back & says , incoming calls restricted, so probably it's a person/company wanting $ of some sort,
about 5 days ago (Lee)
Claim to be from Yellow Brick Road and asking something about home loans. I don't have any business with Yellow Brick Road. When I called Yellow ... Read More
about 5 days ago (Andrew)
Unsolicited call from Eltham, no message left.
about 5 days ago (Peter)
A Scam company. Do not use.
about 5 days ago (Craig)
Have called me twice in the space of 3 hours, no voicemails left...
about 5 days ago (Lee)
This one rang my mobile yesterday and today. No message. Mobile phones: Don't recognise number, NO message, so Google it. Previous comments negative... Read More
about 5 days ago (Nuisance Blocker)
Evil lying thieving SUSAN WARDA MILLS OAKLEY, deceitful family destroying fucking whore solicitor, don't trust!
about 5 days ago (Mrs lost Everything.)
Claims wrong number all the time
about 5 days ago (Pip)
Xiufen Liu is disgusting
about 5 days ago (w)
shady phone tactics of debt collectors
about 5 days ago (suzy johns)
Keep calling
about 5 days ago (K Con)
Yes, this number called me today (15 April 2019) and another time some two weeks ago. In both cases, I answered the phone but the caller didn't spoke ... Read More
about 6 days ago (Mohamed)
Called my place of work demanding she speak to my co-worker and wouldn't say where he was from. Absolute scam!!
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
I have no idea why this party should call me.No e of their services is relevant.
about 6 days ago (Selma)
Automated call in Chinese Language
about 6 days ago (Rob)
called but left no voicemail. i didnt call back
about 6 days ago (kai)
Automated call in Chinese
about 6 days ago (Alice)
Hi there a lady called me from this number claiming she was from yellow pages and mentioned my name and business name and asked for my address to send... Read More
about 6 days ago (Anonymous)
Automated call, Asian voice on the other end.
about 6 days ago (Kor)
my internet was going to be cut in 24 hrs a scam
about 6 days ago (don)
Took me off dating site as Alex (Alex his middle name). He is going as David Rainer from 660 Abercrombie Street Darlington Sydney (no such n... Read More
about 6 days ago (Diana)
This number was saying I owed money to Australian Tax Office, is this a scam line?
about 6 days ago (Allan Keyes)
Called, blank message
about 7 days ago (xx.xx.167.167)
Asked me to take a survey but the only question they asked was ‘was I over 14 years of age?’ Then said thank you very much, have a nice day and th... Read More
about 7 days ago (Nic)
No answer when they call????????
about 7 days ago (Lorna)
Some poor dude who lost his bag in a cab.
about 7 days ago (Random Person)
SUN 14/04/19 @ 12:25PM 2nd time this number has called me so i didnt answer. Both times is an auto message. First time answered but when i spoke th... Read More
about 7 days ago (Anonymous)
Chinese computer voice
about 7 days ago (Corey)
Keeps popping up in call history and phone bill WTF
about 7 days ago (Doosh)
+61497012482, +61484008794, +61428377756, +61476003841, +61497008845, +61427725746. Des numéros inconnu
about 7 days ago (Abissa)
They keep calling me without even talking.
about 7 days ago (Mike)
This person anna is stalking me i think she has mental health issues. Im extremely concerned for my personal safety as she knows where i live.
about 7 days ago (Loraine)
I missed the call but they left a message in another language that I don't understand which suggests I don't know them. It also seemed automated.
about 8 days ago (s)
Keep calling at different times if the day up to almost 8pm at night and doesn’t leave a message.
about 8 days ago (Ali)
Lady and boy keeps calling won't stop even after I asked, even used profanity towards me. Disgusting human.
about 8 days ago (Jerry)
There was no message, they just hang up if you don't answer. I retrieved the number from 101.
about 8 days ago (Mrs Magoo)
Phucking lying pigs of family law, SUSAN WARDA & CARLY MIRZA-PRICE, $$$greedy scoundrel cunts, un-Australian conduct!
about 8 days ago (Swindled Client.)
Had a call from a 0280040011 number about my health asking if I took any vitamins, then 5 minutes later got a call from 0894975375 about my health. B... Read More
about 9 days ago (Anonymous)
scammer that pretends to be from Microsoft and wants to fix your computer
about 9 days ago (Victoria Melba)
Nuisance call everyday by this number
about 9 days ago (Sam)
Kept calling but saying nothing.
about 9 days ago (Fiona)
Genuine caller returning my call.
about 9 days ago (Deen)
For Sale Secure Isotretinoin Tablets Website Free Shipping cialis vs viagra Mex Meds Cephalexin Dental Infection
about 9 days ago (Lesrold)
This number has texted me several times won't say who they are or what they want can't find names for who owns number
about 9 days ago (Mel)
Calling saying they are from the Australian tax office and that you are about to be summoned to court and there is a warrant out for your arrest dial ... Read More
about 9 days ago (Nev Branch)
Showed up in my contacts and I don't know it
about 9 days ago (Personal)
Called several times no message and silent when picked up. Called back, redirects to a message about winning prizes. Scam.
about 9 days ago (Rachel)
Another scammer - very tricky, almost had me
about 9 days ago (Jim Kremmer)
multiple calls from differing melb numbers. Think this might be connected
about 9 days ago (EC)
I just got miss call from this number. But when I called back. It's a girl picked up the phone. A girl picked up the phone, and she said didn't call t... Read More
about 9 days ago (xx.xx.94.246)
Rang my MO phone - no voicemail.
about 9 days ago (CC)
ATO Scam
about 9 days ago (Trevor)
SMS stating you have unclaimed inheritance and to email THIS IS A SCAM. DO NOT REPLY.
about 9 days ago (Mick)
Yes this number called me and was asking some weird questions
about 9 days ago (Jeremy)
Fred Hollows Foundation
about 10 days ago (C W)
This is a scam phone number with calls coming from a company claiming to be able to obtain ongoing discounts on your gas bills. I hung up and tried to... Read More
about 10 days ago (KM)
not coming from victoria!!!!!!
about 10 days ago (chris)
Bạn Diệp Thân mến
about 10 days ago (Bí Mật)
Scam ATO recording
about 10 days ago (Ross)
about 10 days ago (Ed )
Rang this number back, not connected ???
about 10 days ago (Jane Smith)
Energy Sales
about 10 days ago (Tony)
Energy sales
about 10 days ago (Kev)
Just got called by this number. Answered. No response - then a weird blip sound
about 10 days ago (Anonymous)
constant contact - leave me alone!
about 10 days ago (tricia)
A foreign very carefully spoken man advised me l owe a serious large amount of money to tax department. To avoid heavy penalty or prison I'... Read More
about 10 days ago (Tina)
don't know anyone or have any business related to anybody from Dandenong VIC Australia.
about 10 days ago (NC)
Home wrecker Edina Jacobson, probably calling your husband
about 10 days ago (You should've known better)
frivolous vexatious litigating solicitor SUSAN WARDA@MO, family destroying monster, profiteering expert! f'n thief! douchebag whore!
about 10 days ago (xx.xx.38.102)
I received a call from this number which is a saved contact of mine and someone I’m in regular contact with, but the caller said it was her number a... Read More
about 10 days ago (Sal)
I received a call from this number which is a saved contact of mine and someone I’m in regular contact with, but the caller said it was her number a... Read More
about 10 days ago (Sal)
hung up on answer
about 10 days ago (Anonymous)
VPN provider
about 10 days ago (Auser )
Another Spam Caller, Call it back and its dissconnected.
about 10 days ago (Em)
Call comes through usually in the evening, when you answer no one is there, if you ring the number back its disconnected.
about 10 days ago (Em)
Chinese Scam DHL can't deliver to you.
about 11 days ago (timeri)
Chinese message left on my phone from Bribie island Queensland land line, l suspect is the Chinese Communist Party member harassing people.
about 11 days ago (concerned)
Children's cancer institute charity.
about 11 days ago (Fred Jones)
They sounded like Chinese or Japanese they call all the time I'm different numbers
about 11 days ago (Misspissedoff)
had a Voicemail message from this number, saying something about a tax bill and arrest and to call the number as it was time critical - rubbish scam
about 11 days ago (penny)
I left there school because of bullying and 1 year later there prank calling and saying nasty things.
about 11 days ago (Ben dober)
Chinese robocaller
about 11 days ago (Anonymous)
only rings for a short time but I do don't answer N.S.W NUMBER.
about 11 days ago ( mr dark )
I called back and the operator said they were a company called creative deal and then they hung up
about 11 days ago (xx.xx.202.161)
constant calls from this number message left. no answer when tried number. anyone know if this is a scam number
about 11 days ago (ruth)
about 11 days ago (Merie)
This number has rung me 4 times tonight. No message left. Since the other commenter has been called As well, I'd say this is a scam.
about 11 days ago (Ben)
I keep getting sms from this number. message is basic and nonsense. Wish I could zap them back!!
about 11 days ago (anth)
I just received two calls - no one there on the first and I was reading these comments by the second and hung up. Thanks guys
about 11 days ago (Leo)
Called 12:51 this afternoon. Did not leave a name or number. Have blocked number.
about 12 days ago (Jeff)
US voice recording to call a number (this number ?) or an arrest warrant will be issued! Ah yea!
about 12 days ago (Mw)
Randomly calls me throughout the day and doesn't pick up the phone when I reply to their missed call.
about 12 days ago (ANON)
‭02 8039 1673‬ Phoned me but the line was silent, then it hung up.
about 12 days ago (Oh Yoko)
I'm not a robot
about 12 days ago (sue)
Chinese spam phone call. dont pick up
about 12 days ago (josh)
Person said Gary gave me your number to pick up TV. Spoke very loudly and echoing.
about 12 days ago (Cathy)
Fake tradies / handy man They are known as " Tony's Roofing & Home Improvements " and " Dave's Handyman & Home Imrpovements "
about 12 days ago (max)
Facetime audio call that hung up straight away.
about 12 days ago (ED)
I registered for a free property book at and received a call from one of their staff asking if I require any further info & to adv... Read More
about 12 days ago (Henry)
Time waster
about 12 days ago (Jacky)
Recorded message with hours they operate by Sydney and UK office. No indication as to who they are or what they do. Have the feeling it has SCAM writt... Read More
about 12 days ago (E for effort)
Tried to convince me that my email had been hacked. Wanted a one off payment of $120 to prevent any further issues with my Hotmail account.
about 12 days ago (Cameron)
Godforsaken solicitor cunts SUSAN WARDA & CARLY MIRZA-PRICE, prolong litigation to cheat families for $greed$!
about 12 days ago (Victim of crime.)
Keep getting calls from this number after repeatedly telling them to not call
about 12 days ago (Anonymous)
We get phone calls from this number daily after 5pm. We tried to call back from a different line to find out who the caller is and we got "your call c... Read More
about 13 days ago (Jan)
Called and left message saying it was the ATO and I had a debt
about 13 days ago (xx.xx.136.234)
Received call from this number, answered, no response, caller hung up after a few seconds.
about 13 days ago (Kevin)
Disgusting dodgy operator who said she was calling from a government agency about a government campaign. DO NOT GIVE OVER ANY FINANCIAL INFO!!!
about 13 days ago (Sal)
Recorded message in Chinese
about 13 days ago (Karen MacLeod)
Have had 3 calls today, robo voice telling me my landline and internet will be cut off in 24 hours and to press 1 for a technician! The same automated... Read More
about 13 days ago (Ann)
Nimble accounts
about 13 days ago (Es02)
Message in Chinese. Scammers
about 13 days ago (RK)
Scammer - IT related. Wanted to know what modem I have and was going on about internet speed. Told him our internet was OK and professionally instal... Read More
about 13 days ago (noisy)
It is a Canberra (ACT) number 0262161182
about 13 days ago (Anonymous)
internet telemarketer
about 13 days ago (xx.xx.103.173)
711 Fuel Scam don’t answer block
about 13 days ago (JH)
Tax office, threatening arrest
about 13 days ago (xx.xx.105.139)
Escort gives a good service
about 13 days ago (Ray)
Received call answered no one there hang up to have same number ring about 5 minutes later which I didn’t answer
about 14 days ago (Lawrence)
The best driving instructor! Passed the test on my first go! Contact him if you want to learn driving!
about 14 days ago (noname)
I received strange txt msg
about 14 days ago (Alexander macfarlane)
Claims he lives in the area but all information traces the number to Canberra. Wasting time of genuine people
about 14 days ago (Locanto user)
Best friend.
about 14 days ago (Kevin)
about 14 days ago (dequavis)
This guy is a drug dealer in Brisbane
about 15 days ago (Find Him)
Some place call creative deals
about 15 days ago (Karin)
about 15 days ago (xx.xx.111.182)
Pest. Call 3-5 times a day. Never leave a message. Would not deal with these people on ANY BASIS!!!!!
about 15 days ago (xx.xx.12.59)
scam on electricity
about 15 days ago (john)
They tried to ring me with a different number. The previous number was 0299853119 which is also SCAM!! I tried to call back both numbers but I could n... Read More
about 15 days ago (Apple)
Call Centre Scam
about 15 days ago (Kaz)
Yesterday I received the call once from this number in the late evening but hung up immediately with a woman's voice from auto-answering machine said ... Read More
about 15 days ago (Apple)
Keep calling more than 5time in a day
about 15 days ago (Nicole )
Definitely a scam
about 15 days ago (GW)
Knew my details DOB and email address. Caller said I had won a $3000 trip to universal studios. Pushed to know my partners name when I didn’t tell t... Read More
about 15 days ago (Jess)
Paypal customers service
about 15 days ago (NAISH SINGH)
Don´t know anyone i Australia
about 15 days ago (Lars Kirk Larsen)
Sending offensive images late at night.
about 15 days ago (Dilshan)
smash in friends car at green hill nsw
about 15 days ago (mike)
Prank callers continually ringing and harassing. Absolute idiots. Also put as private number as well.
about 15 days ago (Mel)
When i tried to call this number back, it doesn't accept any incoming calls.
about 15 days ago (Anon. )
(08)9 397 is my prefix in West Australia. Caller was definitely not from Australia. Asked if I was the bill payer for Natural Gas in our house. Hung ... Read More
about 16 days ago (pizza boy)
A man called, he had an Indian accent, told me he was calling about the accident I’d been involved in. Given I haven’t been involved in any I told... Read More
about 16 days ago (Peace)
Automated voice speaking foreign language
about 16 days ago (Joe)
It's one of those fake ATO robocallers running their scam
about 16 days ago (Ross Wonderley)
Credit Corp calling everyone know to me trying to embarrass and harass me into paying a debt they know I can't afford
about 16 days ago (MK)
Automated message claiming to be a final warning from the ATO. I hung up so no further details to offer.
about 16 days ago (Dave)
Total Scam. Said I owe money to a pathology company that have never even given me a bill! I called the pathology company and they have no invoices in ... Read More
about 16 days ago (Scam)
Had msg from this number. Called back and was financial advisor Afterwards my phone had a slack attack
about 16 days ago (James)
Called back, got through to a call centre claiming to be energy choice.
about 16 days ago (xx.xx.13.6)
Call center scammer
about 16 days ago (xx.xx.16.138)
Call center scammer
about 16 days ago (xx.xx.67.4)
Typical scam, picked up the phone and some machine voice told me that my bank account had some issue and requires attention, then asked me to press wh... Read More
about 16 days ago (Scam)
Simply wasting my time after leaving no message reference.
about 16 days ago (xx.xx.133.78)
internet peeps
about 16 days ago (alex)
When I called back, recorded message... "incoming call restrictions"
about 16 days ago (Ron Sheldon)