I know you are busy running your site but I just wanted to drop by and tell you that you can drive thousands of targeted visitors straight to your web... Read More
about 4 hours ago (Alicia)
rings 3-5 times a day. If answered, it hangs up. Now when it rings, I check the ID and let it ring out. Possibly Mortgage chasers or worse. Annoying... Read More
about 4 hours ago (Albert)
Asking for the woman over 50 years of age
about 4 hours ago (E for Effort)
This number calls often , if I am driving it auto answers and when I ask what do you want , it just hangs up, When I call back It says you have reache... Read More
about 5 hours ago (John)
They are some electrical comparison site. They have multiple callers in the background and they do not listen to you and they talk over you
about 5 hours ago (Anonymous)
about 6 hours ago (PETER)
Don't Answer ! , Otherwise your email will be compromised & then later you will sync to your computer email which will download a backdoor access to ... Read More
about 6 hours ago (The Anonymous)
Chinese person
about 7 hours ago (Anon)
Automated message. Pretending to be from Taxation Office.
about 8 hours ago (JB)
Cold call finance company
about 10 hours ago (Business not looking for finance)
Open line, no answer
about 11 hours ago (xx.xx.104.196)
Phoned twice. Picked up. I said nothing. They hung up immediately both times. Boring. Blocked. Lol
about 11 hours ago (David)
I think that the person that this is whorls be upset
about 15 hours ago (Kahlan)
left distressing messages
about 16 hours ago (franky)
Called, answered as it may have been a client. Some retarded recorded voice message marketing company. I screamed to F - Off and stop calling me!
about 23 hours ago (Anonymous)
Missed call. called back and message was number disconnected.
about 1 day ago (KC)
Energy company phoning to discuss great deals. I’d say; 14.05, 15.22, 17.16 & 18.38 is ridiculous for one afternoon! Harassment?
about 1 day ago (Anonymous)
Definitely a scam.
about 1 day ago (Maria)
immediately hung up on me, hoping I'll call back. probably a scam
about 1 day ago (Anonymous)
Claiming to be from NBN co, and that they have been trying to reach me to tell me that my landline will be cut off within 2 days ( or so). Some sort o... Read More
about 1 day ago (George)
Australia Post responding to my missing delivery investigation
about 1 day ago (Ruth)
Unsolicited call from Fit n Fast - allegedly
about 1 day ago (Tim)
This number called but when I answered it hung up.
about 1 day ago (Simona)
Other sites blogs list it as telemarketing. Electricity apparently. I have this number on my block list yet it still calls. I'm also on the Do NOT CAL... Read More
about 1 day ago (t smith)
They called and they hung up when i answered.
about 1 day ago (Barb)
Scam call claiming to be the ATO. Recorded message tells you you are in serious violation of tax payments. says to "push 1 to connect to someone and p... Read More
about 1 day ago (Scotia)
Automated message saying they are from Tax office regarding tax debt, press 1 to avoid being arrested.
about 1 day ago (BD)
Left a voicemail message which seemed to only record a partial message that sounded like 'cheese would be acceptable'. Think cheese or gees was the e... Read More
about 1 day ago (Jobe)
Scam artist. Calls himself Phillip READ - we bought 2 skylights from him via Gumtree and as requested we deposited directly into his bank account. Now... Read More
about 2 days ago (Dee Finnen)
Automated message saying they are from Tax office regarding tax debt, press 1 to avoid being arrested!
about 2 days ago (Angela)
Indian sounding guy called today saying he was from the Australian Govt Solar Rebate Scheme. Had my name. Told him I wasn’t interested and to take m... Read More
about 2 days ago (Jack)
I keep blocking many unknown phone numbers bc they hang up straight away. So frustrating! But more numbers keep ringing!
about 2 days ago (Jennifer)
This number called asking me i i have solar panel .i said no. Then asked me two question if i own a house. I said no then hangup .after called this nu... Read More
about 2 days ago (R)
Don’t leave any message. I never answer them
about 2 days ago (xx.xx.226.84)
When I answered, he asked for a name which wasn't mine. When I told him he had the wrong number, he hung up on me.
about 2 days ago (Smurfette)
Ringing my mobile twice a day , no messages left , so annoying
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
claimed there was an unauthorised withdrawal from my VISA card, but she was not from the bank, but 'visa security' - became abusive when I spoke to so... Read More
about 2 days ago (RonL)
prank calls
about 2 days ago (kim)
Wyndham nuisance call
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Claimed to be from NAB bank
about 2 days ago (C)
Does anyone know who owns this number?
about 2 days ago (t smith)
I just had three calls one after the other...I'm not going to answer...They also tried last week as well...I blocked this number but they still t... Read More
about 2 days ago (Lealea)
I answered call but no reply then after 5 seconds call terminated from their end. I called back only to recieve a female voice with recorded message"H... Read More
about 2 days ago (Glenn)
Rings, and no sound. It is fair to assume its a scam of some sort.
about 2 days ago (Ramski)
I picked up and the other end hung up immediately.
about 2 days ago (kmwa)
They said looking someone trying to get details from me. Also contacted me on whats app.
about 3 days ago (Kristy West)
about 3 days ago (xx.xx.45.118)
She is dangerous
about 3 days ago (Kk)
Goes to icloud account. Causes excess charges
about 3 days ago (D)
Said they were giving discounts on Australian holidays... Did not sound like they were calling from Australia!
about 4 days ago (Nonnie)
Overseas scam telemarking. Enjoy playing with them and winding them up. Then just ending the call.
about 4 days ago (Dave)
Electricity call centre wanting me to switch suppliers.
about 4 days ago (Amanda)
hangs up. Just bloody irritating when you get three times in one day.
about 4 days ago (Gre)
just hangs up like several other 03 nos.
about 4 days ago (xx.xx.9.22)
Had 3 calls from this number this week. Caller Never leaves a message
about 5 days ago (Anon)
Living off my super doesn't give me anything .
about 5 days ago (Patricia Huston)
kept calling and stopping. blocked the number now
about 5 days ago (peter)
0448546494 Taken property from my elderly parents on the pretext of putting it in storage. No details where and now won't answer the phone or return... Read More
about 5 days ago (Wendy)
Phoned me at 5:20pm, I missed the call because my phone was on silent. No message left.
about 5 days ago (Carol)
about 5 days ago (Sonu Kumar)
about 5 days ago (Sonu Kumar)
Another stupid scam call, from "the technical department of Windows". No doubt the computer that ran Windows, which has been out in the garage for a d... Read More
about 5 days ago (Luke)
about 5 days ago (Sonu Kumar)
about 5 days ago (xx.xx.36.77)
It's mine
about 5 days ago (Michael treleaven)
Computerised voice call from "Tax Office". 3 minutes later the same call from 02 6696 1430
about 5 days ago (Anne)
Another ridiculous stalking call.
about 5 days ago (t smith)
After receiving a call from this number from a woman claiming to be Maria from ACMA, I called ACMA and the do not call register. They said calls from ... Read More
about 5 days ago (Chris)
02 8824 4884 Blacktown New South Wales. hi,(indian voice with broken english..) am calling from the the technical department.. you have $449.67 re... Read More
about 5 days ago (greg/)
Another unsolicited call from interstate? Seriously. Get a life.
about 5 days ago (t smith)
Canterbury Toyota Dealer
about 5 days ago (Canterbury Toyota)
They call and don't talk.
about 5 days ago (Kyle)
EAP (employment assistance program) Legit service to employees for phone counselling and/or face to face service.
about 5 days ago (Gina)
Trying to find this theif.taken off with hire car and now of course won't answer calls or texts.
about 5 days ago (Darren bayley)
Good person to deal with
about 5 days ago (Me)
Answered the call and there was only silence for 5 seconds. I hung up
about 5 days ago (Lachlan)
Nice bloke
about 6 days ago (sam)
Unsolicited and after hours call from another state. Stalking.
about 6 days ago (t smith)
Left a message about NBN
about 6 days ago (No name given)
Every time i answer the call no one talk and drop the call
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.162.69)
Electricity acct marketing
about 6 days ago (Charlie)
Two calls in four minutes from this number, no messages left. I called back and reached an unidentified voicemail, so left an unidentified and very te... Read More
about 6 days ago (Chris)
Harrasing calls
about 6 days ago (John)
Kids with Cancer calling for donations
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.9.167)
I received a voicemail from ATO stating that I owe some money and need to press 1 to talk to an ATO agent. I assume it is a scam considering it is ver... Read More
about 6 days ago (Bae)
Scam call "compensation department, you have been in an accident"
about 6 days ago (ST)
This number rings me every day I answered the phone and then no one speak to me so I hang up then it calls be back 6 times in a row in one day m. Ever... Read More
about 6 days ago (Aaron)
ATO Robocall Scam
about 6 days ago (Johnno)
this number has called me three times. Last time I answered and didn't say anything and the line was quiet and no-one spoke. I've now blocke... Read More
about 6 days ago (Robyn)
Insurance / maybe scammer
about 6 days ago (John )
Automated message claiming to be ATO regarding unpaid debts etc.
about 6 days ago (xx.xx.90.171)
They just hung up and then i called back, got the message the number was disconnected
about 6 days ago (Vanessa)
Indians calling to say they are pioneer financial and wanting private information to avoid me getting a bad debt on my credit report.
about 6 days ago (shannon)
Indians pretending to be the Taxation office
about 7 days ago (Rebecca)
did not call back after meeting up
about 7 days ago (jake)
Got a call from this number tonight it was blank for awhile then a lady came on asking me if l would like to donate money that goes to kids suffering ... Read More
about 7 days ago (Peter Nemeth)
Two calls to my mobile today - I don't answer if I don't recognise the number.
about 7 days ago (Jean)
Caller doesn't leave a message. Frequent caller.....
about 7 days ago (JT)
Constant phone calls but can’t call number back and when answered they hang up
about 7 days ago (Jane)
didnt leave a message ! sounded like a scam
about 7 days ago (anonymous)
cool chick
about 7 days ago (mel)
I get calls from this a lot haven't called back as I don't answer calls that don't leave messages either
about 7 days ago (C Smith)
The owner of this number he owns me money I can’t get 2 him just I need his address
about 7 days ago (Adham Charkaoui)
cant call number back?
about 7 days ago (jamie weng)
I called this number back and the person answered "Your home energy". Telemarketer
about 7 days ago (Anonymous)
Unknown caller no talking or callback the no. no answer the call
about 7 days ago (rah)
Claims to be Utility Offers (http://utilityoffers.com.au). Another company claiming to offer a 25-30% discount on my electricity bill.
about 7 days ago (spam-tracker)
Recorded message from someone allegedly from the Australian Taxation office advising I was to be arrested for tax fraud. Porr attempt at a scam. Not e... Read More
about 7 days ago (Alan)
indian marketing company
about 7 days ago (Tim)
calls repeatedly and no answer
about 7 days ago (dood76)
Indian called saying from NBNCo and that my internet would be shut off, even though I don't get NBN until mid next year. Then wanted me to downl... Read More
about 7 days ago (Trevor)
This number called me on my mobile, I Don't answer call from numbers I don't know and that don't leave a message.
about 7 days ago (Kevin J Smith)
Had a few calls, seems to hang up. I'm blocking it now.
about 7 days ago (Tim)
telemarketing call. About some green something club holding a presentation.
about 8 days ago (Aaron)
about 8 days ago (Pooja)
Making false bookings in my business so I lose income
about 8 days ago (Jo)
Call never answer
about 8 days ago (Tony Hill)
about 8 days ago (tony Hill)
Subaru Australia
about 8 days ago (TeeBee)
Automatic call and says something about Chinese Visa and start speaking Chinese! Sounds like a spam
about 8 days ago (Sash)
Automated/recorded voice suggesting the tax office wanted to talk to me about a tax debt.
about 8 days ago (CHC)
Received call with recorded message from ATO, and asked to press 1 to talk to an operator. Got through to an indian lady who asked some of my details ... Read More
about 8 days ago (Dominic)
Called from "Dalgety". Hung up when I picked up.
about 8 days ago (N/A)
Trying to sell home loan products, got my details from RP Data
about 8 days ago (ThePom)
Caller hung up, called back. Fax screeching noise.
about 8 days ago (Glenn)
This number is untraceable
about 8 days ago (Amanda)
Have had frequent calls from this number. They don't leave a message. When I call back I get a message that there is no one available at the ex... Read More
about 8 days ago (Lesley)
Woman gives her number. Pretends to be homeless asking for money. If you do give money she will ask for you address to come and pay back the money but... Read More
about 9 days ago (Jack)
its rashays narellan
about 9 days ago (anon)
Tried to scam me. Do not call!
about 9 days ago (Rory)
Sex Machine 10/10
about 9 days ago (Sarah)
Just trying to find who this number used ro belong too
about 9 days ago (Nik)
Mobile rang once then rang off and a no voicemail message received. Rang the number and Optus advised the mobile number I to call was disconnected. St... Read More
about 9 days ago (Paul)
What is it with phone numbers that ring then when you answer they just hang up. Three times this number has called me today and three times I ... Read More
about 9 days ago (Van)
Telemarketer offering energy discounts. Extremely rude. Swore at me.
about 9 days ago (Kate)
NBN Scam
about 9 days ago (John)
It is a fraud call.
about 9 days ago (None)
its a fake virus pop up. SCAMMERS! DO NOT CALL!
about 9 days ago (anon)
This is QBD store at Mount Ommaney
about 9 days ago (Michele)
Annoying telemarketers calling a number on the DO NOT CALL register
about 9 days ago (Michele)
Annoying telemarketers calling a number on the DO NOT CALL register
about 9 days ago (Michele)
Annoying telemarketers calling a number on the DO NOT CALL register
about 9 days ago (Michele)
NBN scam advising disconnection in 24 hours. Press 1 to be transferred to the ‘Security’ team where an Indian in a call centre starts a script to ... Read More
about 9 days ago (Chris)
yes they did twice, they said that my Windows has a Virus ( alert )
about 9 days ago (Frank Deman)
Called back within 10 mins & got a message saying the number had been disconnected. Blocked it.
about 9 days ago (Anonymous)
Calls insults then hangs up
about 10 days ago (Ann)
Rings twice a day up to 3 times a week. Only rings for a short time never leaves msg on msg bank. My phone tells me it's "potentially fraud."
about 10 days ago (Debbie)
Chinese scam
about 10 days ago (Binky)
She called my husband and invited to her hotel. 61478119882 That is her number. Maybe she is looking for a man to fck her
about 10 days ago (Tanya)
Im trying to find my dad
about 10 days ago (Graham wickens)
They called three times from this number and then one time from another number 0457275858. They claimed they were a security company, and that I owed ... Read More
about 10 days ago (Danielle)
SUSAN WARDA & CARLY MIRZA-PRICE, profiteering by prolonging excessive profligate unnecessary litigation, greedy$$$ deceitful whores of family law. Do... Read More
about 11 days ago (Scammed Client.)
constant calls every couple days.
about 11 days ago (niki)
I don’t know how was she or he, I haven’t answered the phone because she or he called in 11:30pm, I think she or he was not a good gay.
about 11 days ago (Jacky)
I had a missed call from a 'No ID' number. When I checked my voicemail, I had a message from my neighbour (whose number is recorded in my co... Read More
about 11 days ago (Anonymous)
about 11 days ago (ABC)
Energy company. Soliciting
about 12 days ago (KV)
Sent SMS saying, "Hello. Can you all install WhatsApp on your work phone at some time so I can set up a group chat. Have a great long weekend everyone... Read More
about 12 days ago (Anonymous)
Called twice
about 12 days ago (A.B.)
Pest who hung up before I could answer the phone. Sick to death of it.
about 12 days ago (Chris)
Keeps ringing
about 12 days ago (Ella)
they ring and hang up
about 12 days ago (cdj)
Scam. Dont call back, you'll be charged 100$
about 12 days ago (Aw)
They left a troubling text message using my name, after I tried to return their missed call.
about 12 days ago (Victor)
Some poorly recorded message in mandarin with some kind of jingle in the background.
about 12 days ago (Hex)
*voice not vice hahahaha!! ;)
about 12 days ago (Cheryl)
another recorded NBN caller saying my NBN will be disconected within 24hrs due to illegal activity on my internet connection. what a lot of ............. Read More
about 12 days ago (Anonymous)
Computer generated voice Claimed to be the ATO in regards to a tax violation in my name then placed me on hold I am on Government benefits and have a ... Read More
about 12 days ago (xx.xx.66.42)
This is a recorded message about Tax Fraud, in a painful English accent. I hung up, but it was a nuisance.
about 13 days ago (Suzanne)
Whoever it is is not bothering to leave a message, and is calling a couple of times a day. Robocaller? I heard that there's an NBN scam going a... Read More
about 13 days ago (Dave Horsfall)
rang twice, within a minute and wouldn't speak
about 13 days ago (Lee-Anne Watego)
Scam caller - block this number
about 13 days ago (Anonymous)
really helpful great service
about 13 days ago (tony)
i just want to know the owner of this number because i have relatives in Australia
about 13 days ago (leah santiago)
called back. said they called to give me some great offers
about 13 days ago (T )
I have received a number of calls all with a number starting 0394529.. but have not been able to answer straight away. I don't feel inclined t... Read More
about 13 days ago (Shelley)
India call centre telemarketing
about 13 days ago (Stan)
The person was female and spoke with a heavy accent, she said I did something online ( I couldn't work out what she said then she hung up.
about 13 days ago (Anonymous)
This number called me twice today. They seem to be calling regularly to the point it feels like every day and I now know the number when I see it visu... Read More
about 13 days ago (Anonymous)
about 13 days ago (DEC)
Voice message in Asian language left on voicemail from this number ... definite scammers
about 13 days ago (yo to be)
Pause after I answered. Indian accent. I straight up asked if this was a scam after he mispronounced my name. He said "what do you mean, Scam", I sai... Read More
about 13 days ago (Anon)
When I answered the caller immediately hung up. This number is just like the other dodgy numbers. Don't answer it. Can't believe how many sc... Read More
about 13 days ago (Mark)
Came up as potential fraud on my phone. Let it go thru to voicemail and they left a message. When I played the message it started "We regret to info... Read More
about 13 days ago (Alan)
Asian person couldn't understand her
about 13 days ago (Glen)
Robot scam call, using a spoofed number to threaten to cut off your phone and internet.
about 13 days ago (Chris)
This call would tell you that you have a package pending to pack up. It is spoken in Mandarin with an automated voice.
about 13 days ago (Xun)
No one speaks
about 13 days ago (Jason Mac)
Called my mobile. Could not answer but they did not leave any message either.
about 14 days ago (Sam)
left message and claim to be DHL, mentioned about a parcel that was are uncollected using Chinese. Automated caller.
about 14 days ago (DD)
Did not obtain any useful info
about 14 days ago (xx.xx.102.164)
Coles Financial Services pushing some deal on their credit cards.
about 14 days ago (kmwa)
Call centre used by charities. Most recent was Fred Hollows Foundation but Red Cross have also called from a number in the same range.
about 14 days ago (Tim)
Prank Called by these numbers, 0420 669 853, & 0423 337 681
about 14 days ago (Steve)
Calling but wont speak
about 14 days ago (Marg)
Got two calls in a row from them today when I answered they didn’t respond so I hung up
about 14 days ago (Leanne)
scam caller, received similar call earlier in the week
about 14 days ago (a)
Caller was from "Energy Solutions". Knew my name somehow - must have been sold details.
about 14 days ago (Rachel)
Called back, number is not connected, so must be a scammer?
about 14 days ago (Michael)
Gent collector
about 14 days ago (Gerelies)