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By: Jack 2018-09-29 01:27:03

Beware of post-storm scams

According to the news, Attorney General Mark R. Herring is warning Virginians, particularly those who live in the Hampton Roads region, of scammers who are posing as disaster relief officials calling for personal information under the guise of reimbursement for evacuation expenses, according to a Friday press release.

After Gov. Ralph Northam lifted the mandatory evacuation order, Virginians returning to their homes could be more susceptible to scams like this one. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a disaster official and they ask for your personal information, it is a scam and you should hang up the phone.

“It is a shame that there are people out there who take advantage of a natural disaster and try to scam victims,” said Herring. “Folks have begun to return home now that the Governor has lifted the evacuation order, making them potential targets for scammers offering to reimburse them for evacuation expenses. This is why it is so important that all Virginians know the signs of a scam and never give their personal information to someone they do not know. If something seems fishy, that means it probably is.”
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