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Scam SMS. \"Your package will be dilivered today contact SaintJourney blah blah blah\"... Then shows the dodgy web address.
2 hours ago (Smead)
Received an sms with text below, I don\'t bank with ANZ.
2 hours ago (Anonymous)
Received spam sms.
2 hours ago (Nardella)
Message read: \"You\'ve got a package - don\'t forget to sign for it!\' Link supplied: \'
2 hours ago (John)
Spook message with link.
3 hours ago (Anonymous)
This number has a message that is recycled. A link in it is very suspect. Never click a link in your unknown senders messages.
3 hours ago (Neuenschwander)
Texted to my mobile saying they were unable to deliver my package and gave web link.
3 hours ago (Hudspeth)
I got a spam message from this number and wrote back \"f off\" to it. The next day I got a phone call from some nutcase saying he wanted to come and find me yadda yadda. Any more bs and the cops will get involved buddy. Also, if you do find me, I hope you got a military tank to get through the vault doors, and have the capability to sort out the other 40 blokes who live here, asshole.
3 hours ago (Anonymous)
Sms received: \'When will your package \"g\" arrive?\'.
3 hours ago (Gilkes)
Link SCAM Do not open.
3 hours ago (Anonymous)
Tells me that I have missed a parcel delivery, directs me to a \"fake\" website where I can arrange to get my parcel. Unsecured website.
3 hours ago (Anonymous)
Got text message saying... \"Can\'t deliver your package but arranged for a redelivery\"
3 hours ago (Bak)

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