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Was sent an abusive message from this number with no contact when trying to return the call.
1 hour ago (Sneider)
Message received claiming to be from my doctor. Definitely not one of the numbers used by my doctor. Deleted immediately.
2 hours ago (Anonymous)
0488429882 Sue Thornley 3 Gagetti Cl Atherton QLD Prostitute , nice body , clean and fit.but ring first!!
2 hours ago (Alex Hard)
Mine is the same but I never get things from DHL I only get it from aus post.
3 hours ago (Anonymous)
Scam number sends texts about parcel delivery.
5 hours ago (Volker)
Does not stop calling.
9 hours ago (Anonymous)
Scam proposal adult entertainment.
9 hours ago (Rocco)
In the real world you would be blocked and deleted. Just more scammers hiding behind the internet.
10 hours ago (Flora)
Dead end spam number.
10 hours ago (Aggarwal)
This number sent blank message mms goes to my blacklist and deleted.
11 hours ago (Ehle)
I have no idea who this is but they sent a two word text message: F@ck off. Spelled correctly I’ve used an @ symbol to replace the U.
11 hours ago (Anonymous)
Sent a message stating it was ATO and they require to confirm my identity, non compliance can result in penalties. A link is attached. SCAM!!
11 hours ago (Anonymous)

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