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Said they were calling to see about finding a better electricity deal, didn’t say a company name.
22 minutes ago (Anonymous)
Victorian number comes up yet it broadcasts somewhere is NSW. No message left. This is 100% a scam.
22 minutes ago (Standen)
Had 2 calls from this number. No sound. Called them back. Got through to an answerphone with no message. Sounds like a scam/spoof.
22 minutes ago (Meissner)
This number is a good number.
22 minutes ago (Anonymous)
Immediate hang up.
22 minutes ago (Wineland)
Scam call 0482 074 306 block this number!
22 minutes ago (Anonymous)
Guy named \"Robert\" with a very strong indian accent, trying to talk about my energy contract... Definitely a scam.
22 minutes ago (Janke)
Scam call or spoofed number. Called twice, no message, called back and number is disconnected.
1 hour ago (Desmarais)
Rings once and hangs up.
1 hour ago (Stearns)
Hi, received a text from this number ported to be auspost. I did have a Auspost deliveries recently but the timing was not consistent with the deliveries, therefore I suspect it’s a scam!
2 hours ago (Lazard)
Got a text message saying The vehicle is in your name has generated a fine, please deal with it as soon possible it wants me to click on a link. It’s a scam don’t reply block the number off your phone if you get this text message.
2 hours ago (Anonymous)
Phishing link claiming to be Australia Post.
2 hours ago (Anonymous)

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