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This soumda a lot like anon defamation which is abt to be stamped out by scummo. You better be sure this is bendigo bank or risk a big payout. Keep your comments private tom
1 hour ago (F)
\"Bendigo Bank Security Team\" while it isn\'t my bank
3 hours ago (Tom)
Had numerous missed calls over several weeks. Am on
12 hours ago (Susie)
Rang twice within about an hour. Picked up second time and no one spoke
15 hours ago (Unkown)
picked up, no one speaks
18 hours ago (xx.xx.41.5)
Grant Van Ooran Raw Projects Group bob the dodgy builder
1 day ago (anonymous)
1 day ago (مبارك هارون)
1 day ago (Serg)
Nuisance unsolicited caller. The volume of these is becoming harmful as they appear to use techniques that can be perceived as harassment and verbal communication often verges on aggression. Each and every call and telephone number is reported and blocked.
2 days ago (A.Nonn)
2 days ago (Roberto)
Scam ATO Call do not call back or answer block it
3 days ago (Anonymous)
Several calls from these \'telemarketers\' today - several too many. Feeling harassed. Signed up to the do not call register thingo and yet still get calls from these and other \'telemarketers\'. Reported - again - and number blocked.
3 days ago (JT)

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