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Didn’t leave a message. Called back and got a recording. Was Public Outreach. They collect donations on behalf of charities. I have my set donations so want nothing to do with them. I have blocked so many variations of this number. Wasn’t bothered by them for ages and now it looks like they’re back.
2 hours ago (Lady Gaga)
Probe Group
3 hours ago (Chris)
I have this
4 hours ago (Kaz)
Call from future group, trying to sell a seminar
6 hours ago (Anonymous)
When you call the number back, it says - Disconnected.
11 hours ago (Ted)
13 hours ago (Janet)
So sad
21 hours ago (Prince)
Spam SMS received from this phone number: “Suspicious account activity. Identity verification is required.”
1 day ago (Anonymous)
Sends a link pretending to be NAB.
1 day ago (L)
Your account is locked. Proceed with additional verification. https://personal-account-security-nab... \r\n \r\nDO NOT CLICK THAT LINK
1 day ago (Barb)
A gentleman?? The man is a creep! A liar! Ladies be warned, stay away.
1 day ago (Anonymous)
Known scam and phish on NAB website, saying there are suspicious login attempt on your account - will call and send SMS continuously.
1 day ago (Lacey)

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