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This scammer selling tickets. Bitch of a woman.
31 minutes ago (Anonymous)
Scam call. Blocked.
31 minutes ago (Appelt)
Serial pest scammer, calling from similar numbers. Blocking the lot.
31 minutes ago (Prost)
Happened to me twice.
31 minutes ago (Court)
This is a spam number hacking Facebook accounts.
31 minutes ago (Garmany)
Scam call voicemail left was a recorded female voice talking in Chinese then in English about some delivery.
4 hours ago (Anonymous)
I’ve missed two calls from this number and when I called back it says “call cannot be connected”.
4 hours ago (Walford)
This is a Telecom (Optus) scam. They are trying to get personal info and seems they are recording you saying yes, dob, address etc.
4 hours ago (Scarlett)
This number called at 8. 30 pm but when I called back it was disconnected.
4 hours ago (Latino)
Fake ATO Message with dodgy MyGov link. DO NOT click link or respond. I wish these calls can be traced and the perp get nicked.
4 hours ago (Anonymous)
Lots of missed call today from this number, even at night. When I try call back it says the number is not connected or engaged tone. Not listed as spam call, but I highly suspect it is.
5 hours ago (Anonymous)
5 hours ago (Anonymous)

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