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Claim to be Crazy Domains, calling from phillipines. We do not have any business with Crazy Domains so I suspect this a spoofer.
2 hours ago (Anonymous)
Scammer, hangs up as soon as you answer. Blocked.
2 hours ago (Anonymous)
Missed call, no message, more than likely scam.
2 hours ago (Anonymous)
I rang back and is a real number and business but it appears to be impersonated by a scammer.
3 hours ago (Anonymous)
Pretending to be an Overdue e-toll bill with a link.
3 hours ago (Anonymous)
Scammers with Indian accents calling from a different number about a compensation for a car accident that Mum never had! My Mum managed to string them along and waste at least 10 minutes of their time before asking for a number to call back on and this is the number they provided.
3 hours ago (Anonymous)
Rang at 2. 36 am and was flagged as Robocall by Telstra. After 3 x 14 hour shifts in a row I was not impressed by being robocalled at this ridiculous hour. What do they hope to sell or achieve by calling at ridiculous hours during which time most people are sleeping and not interested?
4 hours ago (Lafata)
Had a scam call from this number at 5 am. Not happy.
4 hours ago (Hegland)
Message advising of an unusual transaction with a bank I don’t use. Advising to click on a link. Scam number.
4 hours ago (Horan)
Rang at 03:00 am and did not leave a message.
4 hours ago (Book)
13 hours ago (Anonymous)
A scam text message about bank account.
15 hours ago (Franks)

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